Fireflies - P.S. Bartlett

From beginning to end, this début novel from PS Bartlett has the reader on the edge of their seat. Although historical fiction is not my go-to genre, this was a great read!


I love when a book grabs your attention in the first chapter, and meeting sweet and innocent Ennis to start is the way I would have chosen to start this story as well.


A mix between a coming of age story with a paranormal/spiritual side, any reader can relate to this novel! Bartlett spoke beautifully with her writing, allowing us to put the character's shoes on and take a walk.


Ennis Whelan is a little boy of 6 and is really something special. As the Whelan family of 1,2,3,4...9 learns how unique he really is, Ennis seems more and more like a mature young man with an outlook on life most people would dream of. Obstacles get in the family's way and the only way to find out if they overcome it is to read more and more!


Could Ennis be the savior for the Whelan family? Or could he hold the greatest tragedy that they will endure in the palm of his hands? To find out, purchase Fireflies at one of the links below!