Allow me to introduce myself- my name is HOV!


Just kidding, I am not the legendary Jay-Z, whom I have seen twice in concert now. I am Adria and I think it is time I talked a little about me before I actually review these books in queue.  


I love any book I have ever read, which is probably an issue when it comes to reviewing books. However, this is due to my inability to write about the topics or ways that those authors can. I mainly write science, horror, and mystery short stories. I call myself the modern female Poe in my own world, but the compliment is welcome! :)


I plan on reading and talking about a lot of different topics when it comes to literature, and perhaps even throwing some TV and big screen opinions in there. Maybe even some artwork and music reviews! I like to change things up and try to relate or compare to different arts. Doing that seems to help understand that work even more so and hopefully it presents a different perspective for my readers.


Now, if there is anything that YOU could suggest for me to take a gander at, I will definitely do so!



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