Homicide, powers, and Nearly Boswell

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Nearly Gone - Elle Cosimano

This was such a great read, especially being from Maryland and knowing locations in DC and Virginia. Elle Cosimano grew up under the supervision of a teacher and an maximum security guard, so she knows a bit about YA and the government sector. Living in DC, this book was a great way to showcase her knowledge of the area for the reader. 


Now, with that all being said, this book is full of mystery and thriller. Nearly Boswell is sort of this rough 16 year old who might as well be a genius. She is competing for a scholarship while decoding messages in the classifieds every Friday. This gets her into some deep trouble when her tutor subjects start going missing...and dying. 


Well-written with all the right details and emotions, this YA book is a must read! Cosimano puts enough suspense in it without feeling like this can't be solved- of course not without a few obstacles in the way. The 'powers' i speak of in the title of this post will make sense when you actually read it! I can't give it away!


4.5 stars just because it may take a while to get the full circle of the plot, especially when it comes to Nearly's family and her 'power'. Nearly Found is on the way to my house and I cannot wait to read what is next for Nearly.