Ruby- Not my cup of tea, Mama. Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

Ruby: A Novel - Cynthia Bond

I was encouraged to read Ruby for my next review by a dear colleague of mine, and I had high hopes especially since I take her wisdom and knowledge of literature seriously and with an open mind. Knowing that she and I may not have the same interests in literature, I am always up for reading something new. I took a chance with Ruby.


I want to start with the negatives before the positives because my opinion should not overshadow the author’s talents.


I am not a fan of much time period novels, mostly because I am a 90s kid and stuck in the modern mentality of proper English. The dialogue between Ephram and Celia made me cringe; I enjoyed the descriptive paragraphs of the landscape and the tragedy that struck the Jennings family. That is the biggest reason why I could not finish the novel.


On the bright side, the plot was solid, from what I was able to read through. Ruby intrigued me and perhaps her character might aid in my trying to finish reading the entire novel once I have time and the patience to actually indulge in her character. Ephram Jennings is quite interesting as well, for his sister he calls Mama, as if he is grasping for that mother figure as a grown man.


Overall, Cynthia Bond opened up a new time and place that my imagination has never ventured to. Although I lost my patience with the dialogue, this does not mean that the plot was not executed the way it needed to be.


I received this book for free from Blogging For Books for this review.